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Basic maintenance method for silver ornaments

1. Avoid leaving fingerprints when using smooth-surface products, and wipe off fingerprints with a soft cloth in time. 

2. Seal the silver ornaments for storage at ordinary times when you do not use them. Pack them in small plastic bags to isolate air and reduce oxidation, and keep them new. 

3. In case of oxidation, you can clean the silver ornaments with toothpaste. Rub out abundant foam and wipe it directly on silver ornaments, and then clean the silver ornaments with clear water. In case of silver ornaments with cracks, you should use a soft brush to gently brush them off. 

4. Inlaid ornaments, distressed craft ornaments and platinum-plated craft ornaments cannot be brushed directly with a toothbrush, so as not to damage the stone and surface of ornaments, but can be wiped with a soft cloth. 

1. Although the products with platinum plating technology have bright luster, after long-term use, the precious metal on the surface will be worn and the background color will be exposed. If the products may turn yellow and black when exposed to chemical substances, their plating will also be corroded by some people's body fluid.

2. Women necklaces produced by Silvermaster are mostly slender types, which are formed at one time, and only welded at two joints. In order to make the products beautiful, the chain is small and dedicated, so it shall be noted that big and heavy pendants are recommended not to be used with these necklaces. 

3. In view of the above common problems, you are recommended not to wear silver ornaments when traveling, bathing, resting and making up, because the service life of silver ornaments will be affected and oxidation will be accelerated in these activities. 

4. How to wear bracelet: Wear the bracelet from the narrow side of the wrist first, and then rotate it to the normal position around the wrist. Do not force the bracelet apart, otherwise it may cause the stone on the bracelet surface to fall off or the bracelet itself to be deformed and broken. 

5. Special attention shall be paid to silver ornaments with stones. These silver ornaments shall be better not to touch water, because there are gaps between mounting joint, and the stone is easy to fall off when exposed to water. 

6. All silver ornaments are prohibited from contacting acid, alkali and strongly corrosive substances, including seawater and hot springs, which will seriously corrode the surface of silver ornaments, and cannot be repaired after sale.

7. If you encounter such problems in using, you may send the silver ornaments to the counter of Silvermaster, and we will serve you better.

The ornaments of Silvermaster are silver products with soft texture, so these phenomena are normal, such as stone falling off, open welding and oxidation (discoloration). 

Our commitments: You can enjoy free cleaning at any time in any exclusive stores of Silvermaster in China. If the goods are damaged in normal use, please refer to the relevant clauses in After-sales Information of Silvermaster. The damage degree and process of the goods will directly affect the time and effect of repair, and the actual effect will be subject to the products received. Please kindly understand that Silvermaster only provides after-sales repair services for the brand products! 

According to the different components, functions and service life of silver ornaments, the accessories and parts of some products shall have the following characteristics: 

1. Spring buckles in all ornaments and springs in lobster clasps are made of steel wire. 

2. The movement and casing cover of watches are made of steel, and some watch buckles are made of steel. 

3. Steel wire for ornaments (multi-strand steel wire coated with rubber) is used when connecting various silver accessories. 

4. Some leather cords are synthetized by rubber, not genuine leather. 

5. The joints of wax cord and imitation leather cord which are not marked with silver content are made of steel. 

6. The silver content of socket-type bracelet buckles is lower than S925 due to the enough elasticity required by its structure, and the bracelet body all meets the standards. 

7. If the products have various stones, and their labels cannot all be marked, the price tag shall be subject to the main stone. 


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